Chinese Herbs Best for Period Pain

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This article is From Marie Claire Magazine October 2007 CHINESE HERBS ARE more effective at battling period pain than conventional drugs, claim researchers.A group in Australia has discovered that herbal mixtures, including liquorice root, cinnamon …


Pentagon Researches Alternative Treatment

This article was published in USA TODAY on 10/08/08 By Gregg Zoroya, USA TODAY WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is seeking new ways to treat troops suffering from combat stress or brain damage by researching such …


Chinese Herbal Medicine used in Space

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I am happy to report that TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has truly become universal! China has just launched it’s third mission into space and the Taikonauts are using Chinese herbal medicine to combat motion sickness. …


Today Show Features Chinese Medicine For Fertility

I am so happy to report that this morning the Today Show did a very positive segment on Chinese Medicine and how it can improve fertility. I have known for years how helpful both Acupuncture …


Not Just Snakes and Deer Antlers

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The Chinese symbol for Herbalism NBC5 in Chicago made a theatrical visit to a medicine shop in Beijing. They filmed dried snake and counters filled with strange powders, some of which they described as deer …


Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Herbal medicine is the use of plants, flowers and minerals for healing. Herbs are highly specific in their actions and possess diverse qualities and properties to target different aspects of an ailment. Herbs are classified …


Welcome To My Blog

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I’ve created this blog as a place to gather and disseminate accurate, up-to-date knowledge about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and healthy living. I plan to post information about TCM, a medical system that has been …