LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy has been used since 1990, and the FDA has approved it for anti-aging, hair loss reversal, acne, pain relief, and wound healing. NASA used LED light therapy on astronauts to maintain bone mass, and Navy SEALS have used it to treat chronic wounds.

Different colored lights emit different wavelengths. For example, Blue is the most superficial and is used for treating acne. Red light penetrates deeper and is the better choice for anti-aging treatments.

A comparison of different LED lights and their usage

Blue Light: Wavelength 423 nm

Kills bacteria, which helps reduce acne, speeds injury recovery, activates cells

Yellow Light: Wavelength 583 nm

Improves cells’ oxygen utilization, promotes circulation, reduces red spots & red face, helps remove dark pigmentation. calms Rosacea, reduces bruising and spider veins.

Red Light: Wavelength 640 nm

The most penetrating power, regenerates skin cells, increases oxygen content in the blood, stimulates circulation, improves acne and wound healing, eases pain, enhances energy, promotes collagen, improves wrinkles. 

LED light therapy is included in all micro and nano needling treatments. Light therapy can also be booked as a stand alone treatment for acute wound healing, anti aging, acne AND can be combined with any acupuncture treatment.