The Festival Of The Hungry Ghosts

Halloween is our haunted day to dress the kids up and allow them to roam the streets demanding treats. But it’s only one day! China celebrates for an entire month!

According to legend, every year during the seventh month of the lunar calendar, the gates to the Underworld open. Hungry ghosts are set free to wander the Earth seeking food and if they were wronged, to exact revenge. That could keep you up at night!

The next Ghost Month begins July 15th, 2024. Festival traditions include offers of food and the burning of paper money commonly known as joss paper, outside a temple, your home or business. This burnt money is known as ghost money.

The offerings are attempts to appease angry spirits, make them feel welcome and subdue their antagonistic feelings. If the ghosts are fed and comforted, they will not cause mischief or misfortune. 

Unlike children in the U.S., who go out in costume looking for sweet treats, children in the East are advised to return home early and not to wander around alone at night because they might be possessed by the wandering, unhappy ghosts.

What to do if a hungry ghost comes to your door tonight?

*Remain calm and cheerful

*Make a food offering to your vistor, candy always works

Happy Halloween!


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