Chinese Herbal Medicine used in Space

I am happy to report that TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has truly become universal!

China has just launched it’s third mission into space and the Taikonauts are using Chinese herbal medicine to combat motion sickness. I have quoted an article from the Ottawa Citizen below.

“The taikonauts are taking traditional Chinese medicine specifically designed to combat space motion sickness on their voyage.

Taikong Yangxin, or space heart-nourishing capsules, are “made of more than 10 types of Chinese herbs and have proven to be effective in improving the astronaut’s cardiovascular condition,” according to Li Yongzhi, director of the medical arm of the country’s astronaut training centre.

She told Xinhua News Agency that TCM pills are superior to western motion sickness cures because they do not have side-effects.”

To read the whole article check out this link


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