Yoga For Vulvodynia Pain Relief

Whitney Pasch is one of my favorite yoga instructors and I’m so pleased she created this video to help women dealing with chronic Vulvar pain.

This is a simple 5 minute yoga routine to soothe the nervous system, release muscle tension and ease Vulvar pain. This practice uses a combination of breathing techniques, visualization, mindfulness, and movement.

This practice can benefit women dealing with Vulvodynia, pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and related concerns.

One of my specialities is helping women with Vulvodynia, using Chinese Medicine which includes; acupuncture, herbal medicine, lifestyle and dietary suggestions. I plan to create more videos myself and with others in the field. I hope you find this helpful and we welcome your feedback.

For more of Whitney checkout her livestream and her yoga classes 

Yoga with Whitney

Whitney is offering 5 weekly livestream yoga classes on Zoom.  Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes are slower paced and appropriate for beginners. Tuesday/Saturday classes flow at a faster pace and are more physically challenging.

These classes are donation based ($5-15 suggested) via Venmo (@Whitney-Pasch) or Zelle/PayPal (wpasch23@gmail.com).  Whitney posts the Zoom Meeting IDs on her social media stories before each class (Instagram: @whitneypasch_yoga, Facebook: @whitneypaschyoga).


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