Real Housewives’ Acupuncture Round-Up

Time to get back to my favorite ladies – the Real (hmmm) Housewives of Everywhere. I am happy to report that the Bravo ‘Real’ housewives of three different cities have announced that they place their trust in acupuncture. Generally, this is not a group I seek to emulate. They live for unnecessary high drama and lack appropriate facial expressions due to their overuse of botox but, I commend their good judgment for choosing acupuncture. So, which TV ladies have been needled?

Most recently, Carlton Gebbia from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills took her cat in for acupuncture after he fell 18 feet from one of their interior balcony railings. She wrote in her bravo blog, “Acupuncture is something I very much believe in and have had my own successful experience. Let’s face it, it’s been around since the 1300s. Why wouldn’t it work on animals, too?” After her cat Midnight’s fall she described how “he was now walking or stalking as if his shoulder blades had separated, he had no neck, and looked like the bloody American Werewolf in London!” After he received eight acupuncture treatments, she reported that “Midnight is miraculously a brand spanking new – cat.”

Both Lisa Hochstein from the Miami franchise and Countess LuAnn De Lesseps from NYC received acupuncture treatments to enhance their fertility. I hope their acupuncturists added a few needles for anxiety, as being in so many backstabbing ‘reality’ battles must take its toll!

The ladies are following very popular trends – acupuncture for pets and acupuncture for fertility. Pet acupuncture has become increasingly popular and, although this is not in my scope of practice, everything I’ve read makes me confident that it can work on animals. As for using acupuncture for increasing fertility in men and women, anyone who has been reading my blog knows that this is a very successful and satisfying expertise of my Chicago acupuncture practice. More and more couples are using acupuncture to increase their chances of conceiving. Whether acupuncture is used alone or in combination with other treatments, studies and patients are finding great results. So, I guess I’ll have to give the Housewives a little more credit.

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