The Countess Gets Acupuncture

On last week’s episode, Real Housewife of New York, Countess Lu Ann De Lessups was treated with acupuncture for her fertility problems. If you follow the show, and I do, you remember that after a painful divorce from her former husband, the Count, Lu Ann found love again in the arms of the raven-haired Jacques, a younger Frenchman. Throw out your old romance novels! Lately, Lu Ann has displayed a much happier (although still pretentious) attitude and has decided to have another child. While Lu Ann has never been one of my favorite wives, especially after she released her spectacularly titled but musically impoverished single, “Money can’t buy you class”, I am always happy when acupuncture gets some positive press. Plus, I can now announce that I was doing professional research instead of just watching a trashy show.

Music may not be her strong suit but Lu Ann is smart in choosing acupuncture to boost her fertility. More and more women are using acupuncture to increase their chances of conceiving. Whether acupuncture is used alone or in combination with other assisted reproductive treatments, studies are finding good results. So I guess I’ll have to give Lu Ann a little more credit, but not as a singer.

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