Customs that bring good luck for the Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year begins January 25th and there are many fascinating Chinese customs designed to bring you luck and prosperity in the year ahead.

Here are a few ways in which to herald the Chinese New Year and attract good fortune.

Welcome the new year
At midnight, open the doors and windows for 10 minutes. This allows the old year to leave and the new one to arrive.

Gain financial wealth
Create a 2020 Wealth Bowl. Place a glass or ceramic bowl next to the entrance of your home and whenever you have loose change, place it in the Wealth Bowl to symbolically accumulate wealth.

Fulfill your wishes
A popular practice is the “Flag of wishes” ritual. Once midnight arrives, write down 9 wishes on rectangular pieces of paper and hang them in a tree or tall plant outside.

Carried by the wind, tradition says that the wishes will reach the sky faster and will be fulfilled during the coming year.

Sweet tooth for more luck
When it comes to dessert, anything sweet will help sweeten the year ahead, but you might opt for Rat shaped cookies. They are ideal for attracting luck, prosperity, happiness, and good health in the Rat year..

Lucky fruits
These are the “lucky” fruits you must have on the table on New Year’s Eve:  Oranges (in particular mandarin oranges) in your home at New Year brings riches to your life.

Pineapples and round fruits for endless prosperity.

Grapes hanging on windows and door jambs, mango for strong family ties, and lemon to remove any negative vibes.

The entire house must be cleaned before the arrival of the New Year, as the New Year must find you organized. Don’t sweep or dust on New Year’s Day, you might sweep your good fortune away.

Be thoughtful with your clothing choices
Your color preferences will reflect the love and peace you desire. Stay away from black and white, they stand for negativity and bad luck.

Traditionally, the lucky color to wear (for attracting peace, wealth and love) is red. Red, orange, and yellow are all warm colors and often evoke feelings of happiness, optimism, and energy.

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