Acupuncture Is The NFL’s Secret For Top Performance

acupuncture is the nfl's secret for top performance Acupuncture Is The NFL’s Secret For Top Performance dreamstime 6716527 321x480

How about having your own traveling acupuncturist?  That’s the height of luxury for most of us but, for some, flying your acupuncturist to your location is a necessity. If you are a professional football player whose body is treated violently every week, you will do almost anything to reduce your pain and increase the length of your career.  I don’t think of football players as people who generally embrace alternative medical treatments but 40 of the top players in the NFL scheme to get onto the acupuncturist’s schedule as close to game time as possible. 

The New York Times (11/30/10) profiled Lisa  Ripi, an acupuncturist who travels around the country to treat her football player patients and reduce their soreness, pain, and bruising. Ripi focuses on sore areas, using her needles to increase blood flow, thereby relaxing the player’s tight muscles. Acupuncture has long been known for its effectiveness in treating pain and, as an added benefit, these athletes don’t have to worry about side effects or having drugs in their system.

*Article first published as NFL Players Say Acupuncture Gets Them in Top Shape for Games on Technorati.

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