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I’ve been blogging for about 3 years now and loving the opportunity to share ideas from Traditional Chinese Medicine. I also have found that  blogging has encouraged me to stay very up-to-date about research and the practice of acupuncture and herbs.  Just recently, in addition to this blog, I’ve become a blogger for the Tree.com Health & Wellness channel.  I’m delighted that my posts for Tree have been getting loads of hits, proving again that people are interested in various ways to remain healthy and improve their lives. Here’s a taste of the original articles I have been writing for Tree.com. 
Athletes Do It Better With Acupuncture 

Did you know that big league athletes are treated with acupuncture?

In November, The New York Times profiled acupuncturist Lisa Ripi, who, during football season, travels around the country to treat 40 players from the Jets, Giants, Steelers, Bengals and Dolphins. The football players find that the acupuncture reduces their soreness, pain, and bruising.

Other sports? Superstar Charles Barkley started receiving acupuncture in the early 90‘s after he developed a very sore neck and he has been a believer ever since.  The same acupuncturist who treated Barkley, Guoliang Cao, L.Ac., has treated many famous Suns players including Kevin Johnson, Hot Rod Williams, Jeff Hornacek, Steve Nash and Grant Hill. *Read the entire post here.

Facing Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is the current media obsession. While his behavior, his “goddesses,” and his traveling circus have been analyzed endlessly, I think I might be able to offer a fresh point of view on the “Warlock.” How? Through Chinese Physiognomy, more commonly known as Face Reading. Face Reading has a 3,000 year old history and has been used by practitioners of Chinese Medicine to diagnose their patients’ imbalances. Today, I’m going to apply the technique to Charlie just for fun. I think that you may also learn more about yourself and others. *Read more about Charlie Sheen here 

Acupuncture Points to Pain Relief 
I treat a wide variety of aches and pains. Often patients have very quick and effective relief, particularly when their pain is acute. Sometimes, with more chronic injuries, lasting relief takes a longer period of treatment because the pain has existed for a longer time.

Western researchers have become increasingly interested in figuring our how acupuncture works to relieve pain.  Whenever diverse points of view, such as Eastern and Western medicine, can find common ground, patients benefit. Here are several of the more intriguing studies and their findings. *Read more here.

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