You Got Sick – Now What? 7 Secrets From Oriental Medicine to Eliminate the Cold and Flu

This is the fun title of a new and easy to read book by Tom Ingegno, MSOM, LAc. Tom sent me a copy and I found it to be filled with good tips for just about anyone interested in health. I also appreciated that Tom wrote it in language that is easily understood – not always true with books about Oriental Medicine. In “You Got Sick-Now What?” licensed acupuncturist Tom Ingegno explains some basic tools from Traditional Chinese Medicine that will help with cold and flu symptoms. All 7 “secrets” encourage healing the natural way, for example heat therapy, soups, breathing exercises, massages, and cupping. Many of the remedies are easy to use, but a few are a little more advanced. If done properly all of his suggestions are safe and effective.

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