Why Rubbing This Acupuncture Point Can Help You

Stomach 36, called ‘Zusanli’ in Chinese and ‘Leg Three Miles’ in English, is the point I recommend most often for my patients to use at home with acupressure. Acupressure is pressure applied to an acupuncture point. In the office, acupuncturists also rely on this point; it is an extremely popular spot to needle during a treatment. Certainly, it is one of my top choices. Why?

Stomach 36 is a hugely important point in promoting overall wellness and vitality. As the name indicates, Stomach 36 is excellent for treating almost any digestive complaint as well as increasing energy and boosting your immune system to help fight off colds, coughs and flu. So everyone can benefit from rubbing famous point.

Here is the best way to find Stomach 36:  On the front of your lower leg, the point is about a hand length below your knee cap. You’ll feel a bump on your shin, the tibia bone, called the tibial tuberosity. About one finger lateral to the tibia is stomach 36, refer to the photo.

Rub this point when your stomach feels upset or you need a boost. Use it everyday to enhance your well being. Even better, visit your local acupuncturist and get Stomach 36 needled!


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