Surgery Patients at Duke Are Benefiting From Acupuncture

Surgery patients at Duke University Medical Center are finding that acupuncture relieves pain after surgery. A reporter from Durham, N.C., did a story describing how doctors from Duke are using acupuncture with anesthesia to speed recovery and reduce discomfort in patients.

When Dr. Gan uses acupuncture for surgery, he keeps the needles in place during the surgery, but remove them immediately afterward. Patients need less pain medication during surgery and less of those costly drugs after their procedures.

Duke Anesthesiologist T.J. Gan also uses acupuncture to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy. “We have conducted a number of these studies comparing acupuncture with a well-recognized anti-emetic or anti-sickness medication,” said Gan. “And acupuncture compares very well. And in some instances, acupuncture may even be better.”

“The needle that we use is very, very tiny and are much smaller than any other needles you will find in a hospital,” said Gan. “In fact, some patients don’t even feel it.”

Gan introduced acupuncture at Duke University Medical Center ten years ago. He said acupuncture can be safe for any patient, so long as they are comfortable with the practice and are in the hands of a licensed acupuncturist.

Excerpted from NBC17, Julie Henry, Durham, N.C. To read the original story and see the video click here


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