Spring Into Action

One basic tenet of Chinese Medicine is that we are connected to the local environment and to the vast universe. It follows that, as the world changes, we do well to also change. Our physical and mental health improves if we adapt to the idea of continual modification rather than stubbornly resist it.

One way to consider about our ever-evolving change is to examine Chinese Medicine’s suggestions for seasonal behaviors. Every season has an element attached to it, and each element offers ideas for healthy living. We have now entered Spring which brings us the Wood element. 

Wood exemplifies the active energy of Spring. This is a season to expand life and tackle any lingering obstacles in our way. Spring is a time to make decisions, focus, and act. 

3 Ways Chinese Medicine Can Improve Your Spring 

  1. Are you suffering with pain? Acupuncture and cupping offer pain relief for so many conditions, including: back, joint and muscle pain; TMJ; migraines and headaches; and arthritis. 
  2. Do you feel irritable? The positive energy of the Wood element is expansive, but the negative side of the Wood element, and something to be aware of in the months ahead, is that when we feel constrained or frustrated, Wood energy can cause anger, stress, and anxiety. Chinese medicine is wonderful for reducing stress, both immediate and chronic conditions. 
  3. Have your allergies returned? Spring is notorious for seasonal allergies. Sneezing, congestion, itchy, red eyes and sinus infections can be drastically decreased with regular acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs. 

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