Seasonal Acupuncture for Optimal Health

Seasonal acupuncture treatments just four times a year serve to boost our overall health, immunity and can correct minor annoyances before they become serious problems.

Acupuncture is popularly known for correcting problems but Americans are less aware of the preventative properties of treatment, or “tune-ups”. In China, acupuncture and herbal medicines are used in prevention of illness, an attitude that I would like to see more Americans adopt.

Our bodies must readjust to each season. When seasons change, people often suffer headaches, colds and flus. Acupuncture helps boost your immune system to protect against these common problems. When seasons change, allergies can be exacerbated, and chronic discomforts, such as muscle pain and arthritis, flare up. Acupuncture and herbal medicine ease these symptoms. Plus Chinese Medicine boosts your energy and helps to relieve stress.

This is Chinese medicine at its best. It keeps you functioning at optimal levels.


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