Olympics, Cupping And Radio Days!

This week has been quite the week for cupping fans! Micheal Phelps and his bold marks have gotten almost as much attention as his gold medals!


This has caused a huge number of news stories on the subject of cupping, I’m glad it is gaining some well deserved interest. I’ve had the pleasure of being on the radio three times this week talking about the awesomeness of cupping!!

On Monday I did call in interviews with KCBS 106.9FM/740AM in San Francisco and in Montreal on CJAD 800, (you might still be able to catch the spot online at CJAD.com).

My favorite spot was here in Chicago at WGN where I was in Studio with one of my favorite people Amy Guth, You can catch a replay of our interview here. I hope you enjoy it and pass it on!

Amy Guth and I at the WGN Studio

Amy Guth and I at the WGN Studios


Acupuncture and Cupping Video From My Evening on WGN Radio

Hello! This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed on WGN Radio about my favorite topic, Chinese Medicine! In case you missed the live show you can catch a replay of my interview with Hannah Stanley, host of WGN Girls Night Out, HERE.

In addition, prior to the show, Hannah and I (with her producer, Rachel, commenting in the background) recorded a fun demonstration and chat about acupuncture and cupping. I’ve included he video below.

Hannah and I at WGN last Summer

Hannah and I at WGN last Summer

Later in the week, I will post more videos I filmed behind the scenes while I was at WGN so be sure to check my blog. Please share the interview and videos with people who would be interested in learning more about Chinese Medicine.

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  1. Jennifer, congratulacions, very very good, is very important to carry Acupunture all.

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