Mariah Carey Credits Daily Acupuncture With Helping Her Get Pregnant

Here in Chicago I use Chinese Medicine to improve the fertility of my patients all the time.  Well it seems the starlets and songbirds of Hollywood are doing the same. Celine Dion recently gave birth to twins and credited acupuncture for helping her achieve her precious goal. Now Mariah Carey is saying that Celine inspired her to her to use acupuncture to conceive, and guess what… she’s pregnant !


Mariah Carey has new mom Celine Dion to thank for her pregnancy – she tried acupuncture to help her conceive after hearing the Canadian superstar rave about the treatment.

After suffering a miscarriage in 2008, Carey started looking for fertility advice – and she found it in a most unlikely place.

The “Hero” singer tells Access Hollywood, “Celine was talking about acupuncture. I used to get acupuncture, and I had never thought (of it) with regards to the trying to conceive situation.

“I was (getting acupuncture), like, once a day at least. It was on a schedule, everything. For the first time in my life, I spent time in one place.”

Carey admits the regular treatment helped her battle stress, and she’s sure that helped her get pregnant.

The star adds, “People who know me would be like, ‘You scheduled acupuncture at a certain time every day? You stayed in one place?”

Read more about Mariah’s acupuncture treatment here.

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