Gan Cao (Licorice Root) Offers Protection Against Breast and Skin Cancer

Several interesting articles about two types of cancer and Gan Cao, a commonly used herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine, have come out recently. Gan Cao is also known as licorice root.

The Detroit Alternative Medical Examiner reported that licorice has potential for preventing breast cancer. Gan Cao can be effective against breast cancer cells but, when taking the herb, it is important to also use a potassium supplement to avoid depletion of that element. Earlier research, conducted in 2002 at the Cancer Research Laboratory in Indianapolis, came to similar conclusions.

A story out of London states that researchers at the Cancer Research UK have found that Gan Cao could offer valuable protection against sunburn and skin cancer. It combats inflammation because Gan Cao, or licorice root, contains the active molecule glycyrrhizin which blocks AP-1, a protein that can cause inflammation and cancer.

Licorice root/Gan Cao is popularly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for digestive disorders, dry cough, to harmonize and moderate other herbs in formulas, to alleviate pain, stop spasms, and other symptoms.

Using Gan Cao (licorice root)

Licorice can be applied topically in the form glycyrrhizin to help skin cells recover after being damaged by UV light. And, if an area of your body is sunburned, apply a licorice balm. For general use, look for an organic sunscreen and after-sun formulation that contains licorice or glycyrrhizin. For added protection, take licorice internally as tea or as a supplement, but not if you have high blood pressure, because it elevates it.

I do not advise you to devise a program on your own. Please consult your experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner to purchase trusted herbs and get real benefits from Gan Cao.

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