Constance Marie Did Acupuncture During Her Treatment For Infertility

Constance Marie, 43, best known as George Lopez’s wife on “The George Lopez Show,” Recently opened up about her struggle to get pregnant.

Here is an excerpt from a recent article on’s Celebrity Baby Blog

“Constance Marie has been open and honest about her struggle to conceive daughter Luna Marie, 3 months, and in a new interview with MomLogic she offers advice to other women experiencing infertility”

“Constance — who conceived Luna on her third IVF trial after two miscarriages and an unsuccessful attempt with Clomid — also credits a “detox” for helping her to become pregnant. “I did acupuncture throughout the process, started eating organically, cut out fish because of the mercury, did a liver-gall bladder detox cleanse, and stopped drinking out of plastic bottles and got rid of all my Tupperware,” she explains, citing BPA concerns. ”I also tried Japanese enzyme baths, where you get buried up to your neck in wood shavings and enzymes, which pull toxins out of your body when they’re heated — you feel amazing afterward!”

To read the whole article click here

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