Colorado Rockies Pitcher Jason Hammel Turns To Chinese Medicine

Well readers, this story is as much about listening to your wife as it is about the benefits of acupuncture for sports stars. As a side effect of cholesterol lowering medication,  Rockies’ pitcher Jason Hammel’s arm was feeling dead and he was suffering from a lack of energy. His wife suggested (insisted on?) acupuncture, clearly a smart woman.  Read Hammel’s account here…

“My wife suggested that I try acupuncture and I was like, ‘Come on.’ But I was astonished.” 

The morning after his first session in Providence, R.I., Hammel couldn’t believe how good he felt. Not only were his muscles relaxed, his energy level was redlining.

“Usually at 8 in the morning, I am dragging. It was amazing,” Hammel said.

He underwent treatments three times a week leading up to spring training. So pleased was he with the success, he plans to fly the doctor out for East Coast road trips during the season.

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