Adventures in Chinese Medicine: A New TCM Friend in Paris

Of course I gave her a copy of my book
Marie and I
I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Paris. While I was there, I had the pleasure of meeting Marie-Laurence Fresnel, a fellow practioner of Chinese Medicine since 2005. She graciously showed me her office, located in the heart of Paris in the 6th arrondissement, and we had coffee at a cafe nearby. Her journey to TCM is fascinating- it seems like many of us arrive at Chinese Medicine through winding roads. Marie-Laurence is originally from Guadeloupe and has lived in distant locals, including Africa, before settling in Paris. Marie’s passion for Chinese Medicine shines through when she discusses her practice. A member of l’UFPMTC a union that protects the interests of TCM practioners, schools and patients. Marie is dedicated to bringing TCM out of the shadows and into the mainstream.
Thank you Marie for your hospitality! 
If you are in Paris and want to get a treatment, here is Marie’s information.
22 Rue Des Canettes
75006, Paris
The courtyard to Marie’s office

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