Acupuncture Blog Chicago: Top 5 Posts of 2011

1. Celine Dion Used Acupuncture To Improve Her Chances Of Getting Pregnant. I was happy to see that CNN reported she used acupuncture to improve her chances of getting pregnant. Not only a wonderful singer but also a smart lady!

2. Yin and Yang. The basic premise of yin and yang is the notion that the only constant factor in the universe is change. Nothing remains the same; no disease, no condition, no emotion, no treatment or diagnosis. Everything is constantly changing.

Yin represents that which endures, nourishes and supports growth. It also refers to something contracting and moving inward, such as calm rather than activity. Yang, on the other hand, is all that is creative and generating; it develops and expands.

3. Eat Black Beans for Fertility and a Big Dose of Antioxidants. From an Eastern perspective, black beans are warming in nature. They are thought to tonify the Kidney Qi and nourish Yin and Blood. From a Western perspective, black beans are an excellent source of protein, folate, iron and fiber and are rich in antioxidants.

4. Kate Middleton + Brussel Sprouts = Pregnant Princess? Kate and William are back from their honeymoon and the paparazzi are probably combing their garbage in the Seychelles because it has already been reported that, among the various foods consumed during the trip, they ordered brussel sprouts. Poor princess – I’m glad nobody reports on the foods I ate during this week.

Brussel sprouts is a food that is high in folic acid, a vitamin that is suggested for women who are or want to become pregnant. A cup of Brussels sprouts supplies 93.6 mg of folic acid (also called folate). The human body needs folate to synthesize and repair DNA.  Folic acid aids the fetus’ nervous system cells to divide properly.

5. Celebrity Chinese Medicine Enthusiasts. When you and I have a great acupuncture treatment, we tell a couple of friends or family members. When celebrities have success with this ancient technique, their publicists tweet thousands of fans and the media writes article about it. Just to keep you up to date, here are some of the celebrity enthusiasts.

Basketball greats Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson, Hot Rod Williams, Jeff Hornacek,  Steve Nash and Grant Hill all get acupuncture treatments to offset the pounding that their bodies suffer on the basketball court. Houston Rockets’ superstar, 7 foot 6 inch basketball center, Yao Ming, an amazing Chinese import, used Chinese medicine to help him recover after undergoing surgery on his ankle in 2007.

*I’d love your suggestions, please let me know if you have any topics you would like me to write about in 2012.

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  1. Those are all great posts. <br /><br />I&#39;d love to read more about everyday diet. What&#39;s your opinion on raw food? Spices?<br /><br />Also, I once cured an eye infection with a Chinese medicine prescription that included green tea and chrysanthemum. It was a miracle cure! Do you have any little secrets that you can give your readers?

  2. Hi Kimberly, thank you, I&#39;m so glad you enjoy my posts. Chinese Medicine is not a big fan of raw cold foods. Moderation is always best, raw foods are not digested as easily as foods that are cooked. I usually suggest to my patients to try and eat more steamed veggies, soups etc. instead of raw salads, especially during our Chicago winters.

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