6 Of The Latest Research Studies In Chinese Medicine

I am always excited to report on the increasingly positive research regarding acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, So lets get to it.

1* Rush Medical Center, here in Chicago, is offering acupuncture to their pediatric patients with chronic illnesses. These treatments are part of a study to find out how acupuncture might help reduce pain in children and increase their quality of life. The acupuncture is used to relieve pain, nausea and fatigue. to read more click here

2* A German study has found that acupuncture can improve exercise tolerance in patients suffering from chronic heart failure. Dr. Johannes Backs, is the study director at Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany. Dr. Backs said: ‘ This is the first indication that acupuncture may improve exercise tolerance in CHF patients- when given in addition to optimized standard heart failure medication.’ To read more click here.

3* This study about acupuncture has gotten a lot of attention. The research was published in Nature Neuroscience on May 30 2010. This study links acupuncture to the stimulation of a chemical compound called adenosine in the body. Adenosine is a painkiller the body makes when we are injured. to read more click here.

4* Yale University and a company called PhytoCeutica, Inc.,  recently published a study that has great potential for people who are undergoing chemotherapy. The researcher made a drug from boiling peony root, licorice root, red dates and skullcap root, all Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies that help the gastrointestinal tract, especially when you are suffering from diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. To read more click here.

5* And just last week this landmark study came out – identifying how acupuncture can regulate the stress hormones that impact ovulation and help women become pregnant.
 To read more click here.

6* Acupuncture has been shown to prompt changes in the “mood regulation” area of the brain, pointing to a possible and potent treatment for depression. At the University of New South Wales, healthy patients underwent MRI brain scans while they received acupuncture.  The portions of the brain related to “mood regulation” were affected. To read more click here.

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