Yin Qiao Is A Must Have To Prevent Colds and Flu

My Chinese Medicine practice is in Chicago where the winters can be pretty rough. Colds and flu’s are common. Everybody looks for relief so that they don’t miss time at work and play. There is a wonderful Chinese herbal formula named, Yin Qiao (also spelled Yin Chiao), to consider when you start sniffling. It is a great first line of defense against the common cold. Yin Chiao comes in pill and tincture form. It is best taken at the initial signs of a cold or flu, especially if you have a sore throat. If you take it soon enough, you can prevent the illness from appearing or lessen the duration and severity of the cold. During the first two to three days, you can take up to double the recommended dosage (read the bottle carefully). Yin Qiao is a very popular formula here in the U.S., so Whole Foods usually stocks it,  but for those of you in Chicago,  you can always pick up a bottle at my office.

*As with all herbal remedies this is a general recommendation so check with a Chinese Medicine practioner before you begin.

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