U.S. Olympic Runner, DeeDee Trotter, Brought Her Acupuncturist To The Games!

In a couple of posts last week, I noted that the South Koreans were avid users of acupuncture and that U.S. high jumper Amy Acuff is not only a fan of acupuncture but an acupuncturist herself! Well folks, I’ve got another Olympic athlete and fan of acupuncture for you. Team USA Olympian, Dee Dee Trotter brought her personal acupuncturist from Tennessee. Previously, he has treated her on the running track during meets and he is in London to keep her in top form.  Look for the guy carrying needles……….

Dee Dee also tweeted me last week with a shout out to support acupuncture; I was thrilled, Go DeeDee! I’m willing to go to London to treat the USA Olympic team with needles.  Hey, anybody hear me?


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