Spring Into Action With Chinese Medicine

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Chinese Medicine in the Spring

Posted by Amy Chitwood Burslem from the Portland Acupuncture Blog

Spring is back , and even though it’s (still) raining here in the great Northwest, it’s time to at least start acting like summer is on it’s way! Spring cleaning season is a great time to clean out your closets, prepare for the potential summer abundance from our gardens by caring for the soil and planning gardens, and everything else that’s been put off due to winter weather. Get outside and enjoy the vitamin D when the sun shines for a few minutes!

Here are some posts from acupuncture blogs around the US with tips on a healthy spring, and just a little inspiration to get you motivated.

Lynn Jaffee, LAc of the Acupuncture Twin Cities Blog gives us ten easy ways to improve our health this spring, including eating more green vegetables, getting your eyes checked, and making time to stretch and exercise.

Lorne Brown of Acubalance wrote a great post with stories of hope for couples and women dealing with fertility. There are touching stories of people who are discovering the amazing effects of acupuncture. Even when the immediate results aren’t what you expected- often patients will begin treatment for fertility, then suddenly their cramps disappear, energy and digestion improve, and they are sleeping better. The body needs to find a balance first, and these are all signs that the body is working towards balance of the mind and body.

Adam Kuby, the artist in residence for the Portland Acupuncture Project, continues with the project to heal the city of Portland by inserting needles throughout the city in the most needed places. Read about the history of the project and Mr. Kuby’s vision here. More needles are sure to be popping up all over Bridgetown!

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