Pet Owners Turning To Acupuncture

Here is an excerpt from yet another article talking about the increasing popularity of acupuncture for pets and their owners.

from The Philadelphia Inqurier

By Lori Aratani

Although some in the veterinary profession are skeptical, Americans’ growing fascination with alternative medicine is influencing the kind of care their pets get. Veterinarians once shunned because of their belief in therapies such as acupuncture and herbs are finding growing acceptance from peers and an eager reception from pet owners.

“Anything you can treat with Western medicine you can also treat holistically,” said Jordan Kocen, a veterinarian who specializes in alternative therapies at SouthPaws in Fairfax, Va.

Like their human counterparts, dogs, cats, and rabbits are all good candidates for alternative treatments, Kocen said. He has used acupuncture to help a dog suffering from arthritis, and homeopathy to treat a cat’s asthma.

The interest in alternative care is fueled in part by owners who have tried alternative therapies themselves. But sometimes, it’s the humans who end up taking a cue from their animals.

“People see how acupuncture works for their pets, and suddenly,” Kocen said, “they’re asking if I can recommend a good acupuncturist for them.”

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  1. I have been practicing acupuncture for five years now and use the integration of Western and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine to treat my patients. With consistent treatment, including treating the entire body (holistic approach), the cumulative effects of acupuncture in combination with medications, herbs, dietary modification, supplements, etc can help many conditions.<br />Patrick

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