More Information On Cupping From The Chicago Red Eye

more information on cupping from the chicago red eye More Information On Cupping From The Chicago Red Eye cups back 480x360

In the 3/29/2007 edition of the Chicago Tribune Red Eye, Jason Steele writes,

“Cupping is the method of applying acupressure to the muscles by creating a vacuum next to your skin. And no, it doesn’t hurt. In fact, it’s kind of relaxing; I almost fell asleep because I was totally at ease.

Cupping helps ease pain and tension and is supposed to realign and balance the flow of vital energy or life force called chi. Some people report it makes them a bit randy, presumably because it refreshes your body and mind, including your libido. The tension in my back and shoulders were gone after the treatment and I felt rejuvenated. Plus a little jazzed up.

The only problem is that I looked like I had been attacked by a giant octopus. My boyfriend, Brad, found the giant hickeys less than attractive. The cupping did wonders for my back, but it did nothing for my love life.”

Maybe Jason should stick to needles.

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