Hospitals Are Offering More Alternative Medicine Choices

Hospitals are increasingly offering patients acupuncture and other ‘alternative’ therapies. Have we won them over?  Maybe. Certainly, many doctors have followed the research and understand the effectiveness of acupuncture and other Chinese medicine treatments but, I’m afraid that some of it is about greed. Hospitals are aware of the large numbers of people who visit other types of practitioners and want to get them back. Therefore, they are offering treatments that patients request – at least that is a good thing.

*Read the LA Times article here

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  1. I was SO frustrated when I tried to get acupuncture for my mother-in-law, who was suffering from colon cancer, and the insurance company only covered it if performed by an MD. ???What the heck??? <br />It will be really great when insurance companies and Western healthcare providers integrate holistic therapies without making us jump through insane hoops or pay extra. It&#39;s very nice to see

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