Have a Headache? Acupuncture Provides Help Quickly!

Acupuncture Point LI 4

Headaches and migraines are a common complaint in my Chicago acupuncture practice. As many of you know, the pain of migraines can be debilitating and the side effects of painkillers can be harsh. Acupuncture provides powerful relief without the side effects of prescription medications and has a long history (thousands of years) of relieving headaches as well as their underlying causes.

This is a complaint that I often enjoy treating because I can deliver effective and speedy results. I often joke with my patients that I am quicker than Tylenol. Even the Mayo Clinic has used acupuncture to treat headaches with success.

After an initial assessment to learn more about the headache, acupuncture is preformed on the appropriate points. These points are unique for each patient. For example, a well known point called Hegu/ LI4 found in between the index finger and thumb is an extremely effective point for relief from frontal headaches but that same point would not be as effective if the pain was located at the back of the head.

Although acupuncture can offer very quick relief, more treatments will be needed if the headaches are chronic. However, with a series of treatments, many people can become free from headache pain.

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