Fall Articles About Chinese Medicine

I regularly read articles around the web about Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. It’s always fun to get new ideas and good information from other acupuncturists. Here are some excerpts from posts I’ve enjoyed.

Many people search the internet for good food choices and recipes. Chinese Medicine believes in eating in harmony with the season. In this post from ~ Are You Ready to Thrive?  Becca Seitz, MAcOM, LAc  gives some TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) tips for eating well in the fall and winter.

*Eat foods that have been warmed. I know it’s tempting to eat that raw salad, but try to avoid it during the cooler months – they’re difficult to digest and can cause symptoms such as gas and bloating.

*Eat foods that are “in season.” Apples, Pears, Winter Squashes, etc. are all foods that will help strengthen our bodies for the upcoming winter.

*Stews are your best friend. The foods in stews have already been cooked, making it super easy to digest, plus there’s nothing better to warm you up on those cooler nights than a steamy bowl of soup. Num!

*Read more ~ Chinese Medicine dietary suggestions and a easy recipe for Stuffed Acorn Squash from Becca

Some of my most popular posts involve acupuncture and celebrities. So I thought it was creative of  Lynn Jaffe L.A.c. to write this post about Linsey Lohan. From Acupuncture Health Insights:

Maybe Lindsey Lohan Needs Acupuncture ?
Unless you live in a cave, it’s hard to ignore the ongoing news about Lindsay Lohan’s trouble with the law. She’s in jail; she’s out. She has to go to drug treatment; but that got cut short because she was okay. She’s flunked a drug test; she’s in jail; she’s out. She now has to do community service. No, wait, that’s Paris Hilton. It’s hard to keep them apart; they both need help
With each new report about Lindsay’s woes, I can’t help but think about what I would do if I had her on my acupuncture table. I have no doubt that acupuncture could help Lindsay, as it has helped thousands (or perhaps millions) of other people dealing with addictions.

*Lynn has some more advice for Lindsey here.

Looking to get a better workout or loose some weight ? Acupuncture might help, from tcmdirectory:

Can Acupuncture Increase the Benefits of Exercise?
Most of us have heard of the potential benefits of traditional acupuncture with respect to aches and pains, but have you heard that acupuncture may also help support a regular program of physical exercise? Several recent studies have shown promising results in at least two areas related to exercise related pain or discomfort.
*Find out more about the benefits of combining acupuncture with your exercise program.

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