Excerpt From Adventures in Chinese Medicine – The Balance Method of Acupuncture

All acupuncture is about achieving balance, but there is more than one way to do it. I would like to briefly tell you about the Balance Method of acupuncture taught by Dr. Tan who lives and practices in San Diego, California. I consider it to be indispensable and use it regularly with very effective and speedy results. This style of acupuncture is sometimes different than what is taught in the acupuncture schools today and might be new, even to those of you who are familiar with acupuncture. The Balance Method of acupuncture uses the complicated relationships of the acupuncture meridians so that I am able to needle points on your body that are NOT in the affected area. For example, if you have ankle pain in your left foot, I would needle your right wrist. Patients are usually amazed! Often this method requires fewer needles than other methods and, when you are suffering from pain in a particular spot, you may like to have needles inserted elsewhere and still obtain relief.

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  1. I work at an <a href="http://www.wongu.org/acupuncture&quot; rel="nofollow">Acupuncture Las Vegas</a> clinic and most of the patients we treat are people who already believe in acupuncture. But, once in a while we get patients who have tried every form of treatment only to suffer through the same pains and ordeals. <br /><br />I personally believe that Acupuncture works. Even as a placebo, I have

  2. Acupuncture even before is already tested, however, not everyone is convinced with its effectiveness still it has its own market already and many believe in it’s accuracy. I received a couple of acupuncture session and at first I was so nervous but after a while I felt relaxed and very at eased.

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