Evidence Based Acupuncture With Mel Hopper Koppelman

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Mel Hopper Koppelman

This is not the first time Mel Hopper Koppelman has appeared on my blog to talk acupuncture and luckily it will not be her last. This is only part one of my thought provoking conversation with Mel, so be sure to check back for more!

Mel has a few things to say that really surprised me and I think they will surprise you too.

In this video Mel discusses;

Her new clinic in Rhode Island
What Evidence Based Acupuncture is
Evidencebasedacupuncture.org as a valuable resource
Acupuncture skeptics
Research showing acupuncture’s effectiveness
Migraines and CGRP (want to know what CGRP is? Watch the video)
Conventional medical research
And More!!

Mel has led the move toward documenting evidence that supports acupuncture’s effectiveness. I love speaking with her because she has the facts to back up what she says and offers an interesting perspective on both acupuncture and conventional medical research.

As the Director of Evidence Based Acupuncture, Mel along with dedicated others has created a high quality website that is a useful resource for clinicians and patients alike. She also maintains a practice at her Rhode, Island clinic, using acupuncture and functional medicine.

September 14th-15th is the first Evidence Based Acupuncture Symposium in Providence, Rhode, Island, tickets are still available. I plan to be there and look forward to hearing all the amazing speakers the EBA has lined up. I also hope to eat some Lobster ;).

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