Conscious Choice: Jennifer Dubowsky Interview

I’m excited to let you all know that I was interviewed by Concious Choice Magazine for their November issue . For those of you in Chicago, be sure to pick up a copy, turn to page 26, and I’ll be there!

If you are not able to rush out and get a copy….here is the interview

November 2008 People In Your Neighborhood
Jennifer Dubowsky
Licensed Acupuncturist
Interview & photo by Christine Mangan

Chicago native Jennifer Dubowsky knows that for many, alternative medicine remains something to be regarded with caution and a bit of skepticism. It’s an attitude that she wants to change. “I hope that I can reach more and more people and let them know how wonderful Chinese Medicine is,” she said. “Acupuncture and herbs can be a great alternative or addition to more traditional western medical treatment.” In 2001, after the completion of an internship in Beijing, China, she returned to Chicago and opened her own practice in the River North neighborhood.

Dubowsky, who earned her Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine, explained how “People are always surprised to learn that Chinese medicine/acupuncture can be of benefit to almost everyone because it’s about preventing illness as much as curing problems.” In the end, Dubowsky is excited about practicing alternative medicine. “I consider myself lucky to have found a useful profession that remains endlessly fascinating.”

Jennifer Dubowsky’s practice is located at 325 W. Huron, #308, Chicago.

She also has her own website and blog: tcm007.com and chicagoacupucture.blogspot.com.

How I unwind after a long day at the office…I love to wander along the lake front, buy flowers, or spend time with friends and family. Sometimes, especially after a long day, I relish spending time alone.

My favorite Chicago haunts…There are always things to do in Chicago, but some of my favorites are going to small local theaters, such as Timeline and American Theater Company; bookstores; Whole Foods; and as a special treat, indulging in high tea at the Peninsula Hotel.

Why I settled in Chicago…I’ve lived in other places, but I grew up in this area, and I think Chicago is a wonderful, vibrant city. It’s very beautiful, I love the lake, the abundance of museums and local theater and all the interesting types of food. Plus, the city never feels too crowded.

My favorite meal…Sushi is my favorite dinner, and I have a few Japanese places that I really enjoy, but I go to Victory’s Banner in Roscoe Village for tasty, healthy organic food at a reasonable price. I also recently discovered Sweet Mandy B’s and their cupcakes are heavenly.
I love my neighborhood because…I live in Lakeview and always feel good being close to the water. In the summer, I look forward to Dave’s ‘Yoga on the Lake’ class at Belmont Harbor. Also, there is a wonderful historic little street named Alta Vista that is charming and was architecturally designed with harmony in mind.

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