Chinese Face Reading: Jen Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie

So what does Brad Pitt see in these two lovely ladies? I am happy to bring you the face reading, face off!

We have been subjected to soooooo many photographs of these two women, but today we ignore their imaginary feuds, pregnancies, love spats and new releases. Instead, we take a look at the structure of their faces to see into their personalities.


has world famous lips. Her large upper lip indicates that she is very giving, as we have seen in her charity work.

can’t match those lips (who could!) and her narrower upper lip indicates a less giving nature.


has big round eyes that suggest she is social and open. Combine that with her deep philtrim (the indentation above the upper lip) and I’ll bet she possesses a strong sexual desire. Though her escapades when she was married to Billy Bob Thorton could have told us that!

eyes are smaller, indicating that she holds back more. Her eyes are also closer together which further emphasizes this trait, but also shows greater attention to detail.

What do they have in common?

They both have strong jawlines indicating that they are both stubborn however the fact that Jen’s chin juts out a bit shows she has a light hearted side.

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