British Weather Reporter Clare Nasir Credits Acupuncture With Helping Her Conceive

The UK Site The Daily Mail Online recently reported that the GMTV weather presenter Clare Nasir is 5 months pregnant and was looking great as she walked the Red carpet in a tight red dress showing off her baby bump.

“Clare, who is married to BBC 6 Music DJ Chris Hawkins, is five months pregnant and has called her unborn child a ‘miracle baby’.

Eight years ago, she suffered debilitating fibroids in her uterus which threatened her fertility, and was told she may never carry a baby to term.

She has spent the past two years having fertility treatment, credits acupuncture with helping her conceive.

She said they ‘were giving up hope’ when they discovered she was pregnant”

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  1. I got pregnant (sort of on accident, though we did see it coming) while receiving acupuncture treatments. <br />Previously I&#39;d had trouble ovulating (not that it bothered me really). <br />But I went for acupuncture treatments (for fun) a few years ago, and ended up (surprise) pregnant with our third. (and the first two we did fertility treatments for. aka-Clomid). <br /><br />So we love

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