Athletics, Acupuncture and Philosophy

I just read about my acupuncture soulmate. Haro Ogawa, MSOM, LAc, CMT, ATC, acupuncturist for the SF Giants, national basketball teams, and NASCAR drivers was interviewed by Acupuncture today and he shared some of his background and philosophy

“My treatments are basically the same for every sport because meridian therapy is a balance treatment. It increases the human immune system and also enhances the healing process, as well as protecting the body from injuries…. I am also a certified athletic trainer.”

In college, my major was Kinesiology, the study of the body in motion. Later, I was a personal trainer at the East Bank Club and Lakeshore Athletic Club before going back to school to get my 4 years Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Haro Ogawa expresses my beliefs as well when he emphasizes the idea of balance and the need to understand the body’s movement as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques.

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  1. what a positive combination, acupucture and philosophy, but in this case , with professional sportmen, the theraphy program is preventive or curative..<br />I think is very difficult the management of serius injuries…

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