That is the title of an article from Time Magazine. They say, “the National Institutes of Health last week assembled a panel of experts… After three days of analyzing studies and interrogating practitioners, the panel was unexpectedly upbeat. ‘It’s time to take acupuncture seriously,’ said its chairman, David Ramsay, president of the University of Maryland. ‘There are a number of situations where it really does work.’”  The article went on to talk about acupuncture’s effectiveness treating many types of pain and concluded,  “Acupuncture’s one great advantage over Western medicine is that it does no harm; unlike drugs and surgery, acupuncture has virtually no side effects.”

Now here’s the kicker – this article was published in 1997 !

So, why is acupuncture discovered over and over again with surprise and bewilderment?  I think that some of the answer lies in the fact that acupuncture springs from a system of science that Western scientists find almost incomprehensible and, it is always difficult to step outside our comfort zones and try something new. But remember: Acupuncture is not new! It has been around much longer than conventional Western medicine.

What do you think?

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