Jessica Simpson “Loves” Cupping

I Just found this article US magazine did last year about Jessica Simpson. Apparently she  spent some time doing a “clean” diet (yes that sounds suspect to me too, but it’s what SHE said). During …


5 Fellow Chinese Medicine Bloggers I Follow

All of the blogs listed below regularly provide great health tips and are written by Licensed acupuncturists from around the country. These bloggers provide interesting and useful information about Traditional Chinese Medicine and it’s many …


Chicago Acupuncture ;)

“If you don’t think you have power as 1 person trying to make a powerful change, then you’ve never tried to fall asleep with a single mosquito in the room.” Chicago Acupuncture


Feeling Irritable? Acupuncture Can Help

*This article is from Everyone suffers from irritability and moodiness from time to time, but if you find that a short temper and frustration are becoming a constant issue for you, then acupuncture may …