moxaUsing Moxabustion (Moxa) in Traditional Chinese Medicine is a common practice. This technique involves burning the herb known as mugwort a safe distance from the skin to warm an acupuncture point. The Moxa plant, in Chinese is called Ai Ye and is made from the wool of the Mugwort plant. Moxa creates a comfortable sensation of heat. It helps warm the meridians, opens channels, regulates Qi and blood flow in the body, expels cold and dampness and warms the uterus. There are many forms of moxa. It can be a stick, used atop a needle or used in conjuntion with ginger or a moxa bowl. Moxa is Yang in nature and is therefore used mainly to restore deficient Yang conditions. Some of the main disorders treated with Moxa include; asthma, diarrhea, rheumatic pain, abdominal pain, vomiting, certain gynecological disorders (it is often used to improve fertility), and any kind of pain due to cold or deficiency. In my practice I will often show my patients, whom I think would benefit from moxa, how to use it on their own so they can keep up their treatment at home. For more information on Moxa CLICK HERE.