Top 5 Calming CDs Used in my Treatments

top 5 calming cds used in my treatments Top 5 Calming CDs Used in my Treatments dreamstimefree 2776128glowing cd 1024x1024

Everybody has their favorites and these are the ‘most requested’ CDs for relaxation while needled patients rest. 1. Effortless Relaxation by Steven Halpren2. Nada Himalaya by Deuter3. Brainwave Massage by Dr. Jeffery Thompson 4. Tantra …


Olympic Volleyball Star Kerri Walsh uses Acupuncture

olympic volleyball star kerri walsh uses acupuncture Olympic Volleyball Star Kerri Walsh uses Acupuncture dreamstime 5221550needles in back 480x319

A different type of spike. Kerri Walsh, the superstar American beach volleyball player who will be playing for Olympic gold on August 21, has suffered through a terrible summer of pain. She already took a …


Acupuncture for Athletes

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This Great Article was taken from Acufinder.com and was written by Diane Joswick, L.Ac., MSOM All athletes and coaches are involved in a constant search for ways to improve performance and gain a competitive edge …


Not Just Snakes and Deer Antlers

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The Chinese symbol for Herbalism NBC5 in Chicago made a theatrical visit to a medicine shop in Beijing. They filmed dried snake and counters filled with strange powders, some of which they described as deer …


Acupuncture Is Not Painful

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What does acupuncture feel like? Each person is different. During the insertion of needles, some people feel nothing, while others experience a quick twinge, which may be followed by tingling, numbness, heaviness or warmth. Unlike …


Acupuncture And Back Pain

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Back pain is one of the most prevalent reasons people seek health care in this country. Millions of working days and countless hours of activity and fun are lost each year due to back pain. …


Olympic Coach Amazed By Acupuncture

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Tony Smith, the Canadian gymnastics team coach tried acupuncture for the first time and was amazed by the results. After just one session at the Olympic Village clinic, his back pain vanished. “It really does …