Electroacupuncture Fights Disease with Highest Burden -> Depression

Electroacupuncture is the use of electric stimulation on selected acupuncture points where needles have been carefully inserted. I use these technique in my Chicago acupuncture practice and have found it to be helpful. Now, a study has just come from the School of  Chinese Medicine, University of Hong Kong where researchers used electroacupuncture to stimulate seven points on the heads of 73  participants who had suffered several bouts of depression in the last 7  years. The experimental group showed a drop in depression scores. Researcher Ng explained that, “When the acupoints  are stimulated, some brain centers responsible for producing serotonin  are stimulated.”

The importance? The World Health  Organization predicts that by 2020, depression will compete with heart disease  for the unfortunate title of “highest disease burden.” Read more here.

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