Would Marilyn Monroe Have Used Acupuncture?

Absolutely! In 1953, Marilyn Monroe was on her Tokyo honeymoon with Joe DiMaggio when she came down with severe stomach cramps. DiMaggio called onetime acupuncture patient Lefty O’Doul for help. O’Doul sent over the Japanese doctor Namikoshi Sensei who used acupressure on Miss Monroe. Dr. Sensei pressed his thumbs into the correct spot between her shoulder blades and provided the actress with almost immediate relief for her abdominal pain. He continued to treat her daily at her hotel for one week. Surprising the western medical community, she recovered, and Namikoshi Sensei became instantly famous. After a successful experience with acupressure, of course Marilyn Monroe would use acupuncture, although her revealing gowns might have made her reluctant to try cupping.

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