Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Dog Show

My mother attended the dog show yesterday. She was inspired to write down a few of her thoughts and take a couple of very adorable photos.

“The International Kennel Club show was at McCormick in Chicago this past weekend. The show presented extraordinary contrasts. On one hand, the dogs were beautiful, immaculately groomed, obviously loved, cautiously fed, and beautifully trained. Their owners took wonderful care of them, as you can see from the photos. On the other hand, the owners were clearly exhausted and the surfaces of their areas were covered with fast food, bad sweets, and unhealthy treats.

It is strange that people who so clearly know how to care for their pets, have trouble caring for themselves. The dogs were rested, the owners were stressed; the dogs ate carefully, the owners ate carelessly. Traditional Chinese Medicine rests on the principles of balance. Here again, we can see where the balance of self and other would be useful to these caring owners.”

I think both the dogs and the caretakers could benefit from some acupuncture. Acupuncture for pets (especially dogs) is becoming more popular. To read more about animals and acupuncture check out my previous post Acupuncture for Pets Becoming More Common.

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