The Year of the Snake

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We are almost at the Chinese New Year. On February 10th, we leave the powerful and bold Year of the Dragon behind and, as always in the order of things, enter the Year of the Snake. Snake years have very definite characteristics; they are quiet, introspective, and intense; a little dark. This year, preparation and planning are the keys to getting what you want. 
During a Snake Year, don’t be surprised by unexpected happenings although they usually take place behind the scenes, such as clandestine meetings and secret negotiations. It may be time to put on your spy cap and come up with creative solutions to life’s challenges.
The Chinese New Year not only has an animal symbol; it is always paired with an element. 2013 brings us a water Snake. Water can boil or freeze; trickle gently over stones in a creek or crush a city with it’s tidal waves. We can learn a lot from water; watching it change form and surmount any obstacle it encounters without losing its essential nature.

Are you a snake?
If you were born in one of these years: 1941;1953;1965;1977;1989; or 2001, you are. But, if you were born in January or early February, be sure to check the Chinese Lunar calendar because the beginning of the year changes. Look below to see if you have the characteristics of the Snake……….

Snake Characteristics

The strengths are considerable:
An even temper; wisdom; empathy for others; determination; good manners; and the ability to communicate without saying much. All in all, snakes may look calm on the surface, but do not be fooled; they are intense and passionate.

The weaknesses are:
They may fall prey to jealousy and suspicion; there is a tendency to overdo things and not to trust the judgement of others. Snakes can be single minded and fickle.

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