The Real Housewives of Atlanta Need Some Balance

Okay folks, it’s confession time….I watch and enjoy The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo TV ! The show started me thinking about all the reasons these ladies could benefit from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) because TCM is rooted in the concept of balance, you know, yin and yang , and balance is a belief that is sorely lacking in the ladies’ lives.

Let’s start with the Southern ladies very obvious shared need – STRESS RELIEF! Lisa, Sheree and Nene have all had unexpected real estate troubles; Kim broke up with Big Poppa, although I sense that a reconciliation is on the horizon; and Kandi is upset about the strained relationship between her mother and her fiancé. Any crowd with that much drama week after week ought to charter a jet and fly up here to my Chicago office for acupuncture. Acupuncture is wonderful at relieving stress, it works quickly, and is a drug free option (although I’m not sure that’s a selling point to the Housewives).

Another Housewife who could really benefit from a few needles is Kim Zolciak. Acupuncture could help her quit smoking and I would recommend some Chinese herbs to help with her hair loss. He Shou Wu is one Chinese herb that is useful for blood flow and hair loss. Maybe Kim should give it a try. You do remember the mysterious illness that caused her to lose her hair and the now famous wig pulling incident with Sheree. I loved Sheree’s insistence that she wanted to keep it classy and only “shift” the wig, not pull it of. Ah yes, a demonstration of real class, Sheree. Okay, I know that many of you who follow the show regularly are probably asking if there is a needle to cure someone of constantly lying. Sorry, no.

Nene has been trying to loose weight, so I would suggest both acupuncture and herbs to help curb those cravings and improve her energy – so she has more energy to work out! And Lisa Wu Hartwell (she doesn’t doesn’t need any more energy ) has been talking about getting pregnant again. She is 38 and has already visited a fertility doctor. Lisa honey, I’ve devoted many posts to the benefits TCM offers for improving fertility; take a look.

Finally ladies, please think seriously about adding balance to your lives – not balancing on 6 inch high heels or balancing a drink in one hand and a puff pastry in the other, but the concept of balance in Eastern philosophy.

This post is dedicated to Katie : ) who shares my appreciation for the ladies of Atlanta.

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