The Element of Wood and President Obama 1 Year Later

We just marked the 1 year anniversary of President Obama’s Inauguration, so everyone has been reviewing his performance during this time. It seems fitting to share a post that was written by a fellow TCM blogger (Chinese Medicine Notes) in Israel when Obama won. The post is 1 year old – see if you think that it was accurate. Yael analyzes our President by using the theory of the five Chinese elements and describes his characteristics in terms of the wood element.

Barak Obama and The Wood Element

Congratulations America!

You have a new president, Barack Obama. I have to admit, I’m jealous. What charisma! Such promise! I think this is the first time when a political leader has spread so much joy around the world. I watched president Obama in Washington today, and I was thinking, that he is a wonderful example of the Wood element.

Hope, dreams and the man with the plan

President Obama has a plan- for the USA and for the rest of the world.
The fact that he has a plan is so Wood element- being the one in charge, knowing what needs to be done and plan the way to do it. This plan is not designed for war. When we think about the Wood element we sometimes think of the general in the army.
This is not the case. In this case, the plan is directed for a better world.

Barack Obama represents hope.

The fact that he is Afro-American and president is a song of Morrissey coming true.
But also a man who is charismatic, who I’m sure will not remain a man of words, but will also be a man of action. The Wood element gives hope, and president Obama gives hope for millions around the world. How blessed must he be, to be able to inspire so much hope around the world.

When I was a child, I heard a lot about how America is the place where dreams come true. I see now that those aren’t just empty words! Whether we talk about dreams as night or dreams as what you hope and wish for yourself, this is all the Wood element, mainly the Hun.

Wait, there’s one more thing

The ability to start and/or restart is very much the Wood element.
The economy, the fight in terrorism, Iraq- these are just examples of the things that need to be done, and the only way to start dealing with those problems is to start doing it. Doing that first step, taking action. That’s all Wood. President Obama says he’ll do all that. Call me naive, but I believe him.

The other 4 elements

As always, in each person we can see the 5 elements, and Obama is no different.
The Earth element is being expressed with the strong family he has and with the actual change he already made.
The Metal element was expressed in his speech, he talked about his father not being served in certain places 60 years ago, but he- his son- is now president. And as you know, the Metal element is represented, among other things, with the father’s role of giving a deep sense of meaning.
The Water element is being expressed along the way with a lot of ambition, persistence along the way.
The Fire element is being expressed with the wonderful verbal ability and the fact that you immediately love this man.

One man can make a difference

Every now and then you hear of someone who can change the world.
Everyone talks about these new days as historical. Not only because it’s the first black president in America (which is an amazingly wonderful and important thing), but because this is a man who already made a difference.

Barack in Hebrew means lightning ; sparkle, glint, gleam, shine.
President Obama has all those inside of him, and he is able to let it show on the out side. Millions around the world felt it too, otherwise, how can you explain the change that everyone around the world feel right now?

Over to you

So what do you think? President Obama is more Wood or is he more Earth?
Would love to read your thoughts in the comments!

To read more from Yael be sure to visit her blog Chinese Medicine Notes.

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