Studies Show Acupuncture is Effective

I have recently found that the is a great resource for articles on alternative medicine. Here is another favorable article about acupuncture By Jeanne Grunert of The Norfolk Alternative Medicine Examiner

The Effectiveness of Acupuncture

“With acupuncture’s growing acceptance in Western medicine, the body of research support its use has also grown. Although the Chinese have used acupuncture successfully for over 2,000 years, Western medicine insists upon scientific proof. Hundreds of studies on the use of acupuncture demonstrate its effectiveness, although researchers are just beginning to understand how acupuncture affects the human body.

Pain relief through acupuncture

Acupuncture is best known as a pain relief method for many conditions. These include osteoarthritis, sports injuries, pain after surgery, and other conditions. Numerous studies reported by Society for Acupuncture Research provide compelling evidence that acupuncture effectively relieves pain.

Acupuncture used for infertility treatments

According to Sandra Emmons, M.D., professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Oregon Health Sciences University, acupuncture may change the blood flow to the ovaries, thus stimulating them normally without the use of pharmaceutical drugs to produce eggs. Acupuncture may also affect hormones regulating the development of the uterine lining. Some miscarriages are caused by a weak or improperly developing uterine lining. Other potential effects include changing the delicate balance of hormones leading from egg production through conception and delivery. With the potential negative side effects of infertility treatments, acupuncture offers hope to women dealing with fertility issues.

Acupuncture offers hope, not hype

Out of all the alternative medical treatments available, acupuncture offers the most hope. It’s probably the best researched, and has few, if any side effects. While not all patients experience a dramatic improvement in their condition, there’s enough evidence that acupuncture works, and enough scientific data to make it a useful and plausible alternative health treatment.

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