Rebecca Talks About Treating Children with Food Allergies, Complex Cases And More

rebecca talks about treating children with food allergies, complex cases and more Rebecca Talks About Treating Children with Food Allergies, Complex Cases And More IMG 2788 768x1024
Rebecca Avern

Rebecca Avern’s new book ‘Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Teenagers: Treating both the Illness and the Child’ came out September 21st! Her book emphasizes internal causes of disease in children and the importance of treating the whole child as well as the illness.

I was lucky enough to read the book before its publication and was delighted to write a wonderful review. Her textbook is is jam-packed with clear, useful information for everyone interested in learning how to treat children, and it is appropriate for more experienced practitioners who want to expand their knowledge.

I hear that book sales are off to a great start! When Rebecca spoke at the British Acupuncture Conference ( topic: easing the symptoms of anxiety and depression in teenagers), all of the books brought to the conference sold out!

You can watch short videos from my conversation with Rebecca below. These 3 videos cover: treating children with complex cases; treating food allergies; and, in the third one, Rebecca discusses the time she spent working with the world famous acupuncturist and herbalist Giovanni Maccioca.

Please watch and enjoy. To see more of my conversation with Rebecca visit my youtube channel.

Rebecca’s Advice For Treating Complex Cases With Acupuncture

Acupuncture Can Help Children With Food Allergies

Rebecca Reflects On Working With Giovanni Maciocia

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