Qi Gong Unites Good Intentions With Results

I think the Huffington Post is starting to take notice of Eastern health practices. Earlier this year they published an article on Chinese Medicine for insomnia and now Arthur Rosenfeld has written an article about Qi Gong.

“If you’ve traveled to China, you’ve likely encountered senior citizens flapping their arms early in the morning in public parks, or perhaps squatting, walking, singing or dancing in groups, twisting waists and wiggling hips and watching their own hands while performing repetitive movements. Most likely, these folks were engaging in their morning qigong.

Ranging from simple to quite complex, this popular mind-body exercise represents a uniquely Chinese method of uniting good intentions with specific results. Because it is more accessible and less challenging than practices like tai chi or yoga — and takes far less time to learn — it is growing in popularity among New Agers, the alternative medicine crowd and just about anyone whose mind is more open than their wallet when it comes to taking good care of themselves.”

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